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7 Volume Mini-Series Of A Dog Owners' Guide To Dog Training

Obedient dogs are not born, they are trained


Learn How To Train Your Dog From The Comfort Of Your Home

You Can Own An Obedient Dog When You Learn How to Communicate Effectively With Them

Because Effective Communication is THE KEY To Successful Dog Training

Buy Now To Save Hundreds Of Dollars And Time From Having To Attend A Dog Training School


Dear Dog Owners,

Do you want to train your dog at your own pace?

Do you want to know what your dog is trying to tell you?

Do you want to learn how to read your dog's body language?

Do you want your dog to be trained but do not want to engage a professional dog trainer?

     If you answered "YES" to the questions above, then read on....

Is the current dog training methods you are practicing bringing you the results you desire?

Do you know what is the most important element in training your dog?     

Do you know how to communicate effectively with your dog?

Do you know the different methods and tools you can use to train your dog?

Do you know how your dog is feeling or what it is thinking at any one time?

     If your answer is "NO" and want to find out more, read on, you will be glad you did.


Train Yourself to Train Your Dog Volume 1
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"Train Yourself To Train Your Dog" is made for owners who have limited time and resources to attend classes at a dog training school with their dogs. It is not only a fun and exciting product, it is also affordable.

If You Can Afford To Buy Only One Resource Today, Let This Be The ONE!

  Your Friends Will Think You Are A Dog Expert!

You will not only be on the road to owning an obedient dog thanks to the down-to-earth, "Train Yourself To Train Your Dog Mini-Series", people might even start saying that you are "A Professional Dog Trainer" when they find out about the amount of comprehensive knowledge you have in dog training!

Written in plain, easy-to-understand language - with no complicated instructions - this informative guide shows you everything you need to know about training your dog. It is extremely user-friendly.

All of the information is laid out clearly and concisely, so you and your dog can learn at your own pace.

Linda Moon and Rusty

I have thoroughly enjoyed it and have spent most of my day here reading.

I have learned a lot from it. The first chapter is a must read for anyone considering a dog/companion. I loved learning about all the different reactions my dog has. I knew about some, but there were still quite a few that were new to me such as the different tail wags, ear movements and smiling vs baring teeth. Also interesting about the mounting and humping as mine has been known to be mounted and tries to reciprocate.

The mini-series is in very clear terms that everyone can understand without a lot of fuss. The instructions regarding rewarding and discipline are excellent and very logical.

Linda Moon and Rusty

The benefits of buying "Train Yourself To Train Your Dog Mini-Series" to attending a dog training school:

  • You and your dog can learn at your own pace. If your dog is a fast learner, you do not need to wait until the next lesson to teach your dog a new command. If your dog is a slow learner, you do not need to be pressured to keep up with the rest of the class.
  • Even if you want to, currently attending or have attended classes, this mini-series can be a reference to what you and your dog will learn or have learnt.
Train Yourself to Train Your Dog Volume 1
This Volume 1 of the series will be given to you (FREE) upon sign up to our newsletter

Subscribe to our mailing list to fetch a (COMPLIMENTARY) Volume 1 of our Mini-Series "Train Yourself To Train Your Dog"

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  • You pay only once to buy the mini-series but you may have to re-enroll with the dog training school for extra classes if you and your dog need extra guidance.
  • With 1 copy of this mini-series, you can train 2 dogs, 3 dogs or even 10 dogs at a time where else you can train ONLY 1 dog at a time when you attend a dog training school. Moreover, you need to enroll the other dog separately and spend another hundres of dollars just to get it trained at a dog training school.
  • You may or may not know that dog training has a lot to do with communication. You will learn the effective way to communicate with your dog without much fuss.
  • You will understand your dog better as the Volume 2 of the mini-series tells you the signals of what your dog is trying to tell you and how to read your dog's body language which many dog training school do not teach.

As a Certifed Dog Trainer, I find the book contain lots of general knowledge on various equipment as well beside training…I especially like how you show and explain the different types of collars.  Overall, good work. I am sure this mini-series will attract a good crowd of dog owners to get a copy for themselves.

Toh Cheng See
- Certificate IV in Dog Behavioural Training Delta, Australia Accredited CGC Dog Trainer
- IIACAB Endorsed Professional Animal Trainer

  • You and your dog decide when is the best time for the both of you to conduct your training sessions instead of needing to follow the fixed schedule of the dog training classes, eg. having to wake up early in the morning to attend classes or you may have to miss one or two classes because you have other things to do.
  • For training to be effective, you as the owner have to be emotionally ready (do not train your dog when you are feeling angry or impatient) and your dog have to be mentally ready to learn the commands. Because you are free to decide when to conduct your training sessions, you are able to select the time when you and your dog is ready to learn and benefit from it.

I spent the weekend reading your mini-series. I found it full of lots of good general information without being too wordy. It was very easy to read and understand. However, a couple of volumns stood out from the rest.

Volume 2 on body language and other signals that dogs give was good and should be very helpful, especially to first time dog owners. It's important for people to realize that dogs are dogs, with their own language, and that they are not "furry little people." I think volume 4 on housebreaking was very good and very thorough and right on target.

Some thoughts for you -- Everyone who has a dog is a dog trainer, whether they realize it or not. We train our dogs 24/7. Every interaction you have with your dog teaches it something. What are you teaching your dog right now?

Penelope Evancic
- APDT Professional member.
- Endorsed member NADOI
- AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator
- Training Director for the German Shepherd Dog Club of North Florida, Inc.
- Jacksonville Humane Society Pet-U Dog Training Instructor

  • You can train your dog in the comfort of your home, instead of training your dog at a foreign place.
  • You save time and money (petrol) by training your dog at home without the logistic of having to drive to the dog training school, getting caught in traffic and sometimes rain just for an hour of lesson.
  • If your dog does not like car rides (like mine) or is prone to motion sickness, you do not want to induce negative feelings to your dog even before training starts (see 3 points above).
  • NO RISK, we will refund you 100% at any time if you do not like what you read, however you may not be able to ask for a refund once you enroll or unable to complete your lessons at a dog training school.

Anite Hong and Toby

I am a great believer in positive training and it works.  Overall, I found the mini-series to be basic and to the point.  A great guide to folks who are new to training and for those who need to refer back to the "how to" in dog training. 

My dog, Toby and I attended actual training which was great.  Months later, after reading the mini-series, I found it to be a good reference material to refer back to.  I enjoyed reading "Reading Your Dog's Body Language".  Though I like to believe that I know my dog pretty well, I appreciate reading the whys of the "eyebrows", "leaning" and the "yawning".  It gives me a different perspective and helps me see things through the eyes of my dog.

After actual basic obedience training, referring back to the chapter on "Basic Obedience Training" is useful.  It reminds me of what I need to do to keep me and Toby on track.

Joanne, thank you for this wonderful mini-series that we can refer to for guidance.

Anita Hong and Toby

Your dog is not just a dog. Your dog is your best friend, your companion, your buddy. They do not judge nor do they care if you are not the most important people in the world, you are their world. They love and accept us as who we are. They do not demand much from us, just extra love and affection once in a while. From the little things that they ask from us, the least we can do for them is to meet their needs and to understand them better. The GOOD NEWS is that you can with our comprehensive "Train Yourself To Train Your Dog Mini-Series".

You Will Learn These In The Mini-Series:

  • How to communicate with your dog effectively. (Volume 1)
  • The different channels of dog communication. (Volume 1 and 2)
  • Tall tail signs of what your dog is trying to tell you. (Volume 2)
  • Reading your dog's body language. (Volume 2)
  • The different methods used in dog training. (Volume 3)
  • The different training tools available and how to use it (not all is recommended). (Volume 3)
  • How to housetrain your dog. (Volume 4)
  • How to paper train your dog. (Volume 4)
  • Basic obedience training (Volume 5)
  • Intermediate obedience training (Volume 6)
  • How to train your dog to understand hand signal commands. (Volume 7)
Train Yourself to Train Your Dog Volume 1
This Volume 1 of the series will be given to you (FREE) upon sign up to our newsletter

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This series is a great read for a new or about to be first-time dog owner.  As a new dog owner I am always concerned about the signals that my dog may be sending to me or other dogs that we don't know.  I have two rescue Pit Bulls that are sweet and loving, but I always want to be aware of the possibilities that an issue or possible aggression issue from my dogs or other dog is a possibility.

Information on the basics of dog training are easily explained and understood.  It is a great resource for any owner looking to make positive changes with the training of their dog.

Karen A. Krieg


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